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School Bulletin – September 2016

School Bulletin
Across the country teachers and administrators are welcoming children back to school. As the temperatures begin to fall and the leaves begin to change we realize how quickly time has flown by: summer vacation gives way to parent-teacher meetings, open house evenings, and family gatherings on school grounds.
Now more than ever, schools are using “the magic of the movies” to enhance community events. As a CVLI member licensee, your school has the freedom to host, sponsor, or allow events that use motion pictures or other audiovisual programs for entertainment purposes to take place on school property. Whether showing a movie during a before or after school program, a parent-teacher association event, as a reward for students, or even to provide an activity during recess periods interrupted by inclement weather, the CVLI Video License gives your school the comfort of copyright compliance.
A movie reward is a special treat for returning students and is always a great way to kick off the school year. Even better, include a movie based on a popular children’s book to reinforce the benefits of summer reading. The Chronicles of Narnia, Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!, Fantastic Mr. Fox, How to Train Your Dragon, and Hugo are movie adaptations of best-selling books that encourage kids to read the book if they haven’t already.
If inclement weather ruins your recess period, pop in an episode of “3-2-1 Penguins!” to provide a wholesome indoor activity. In no time at all, your young charges will forget about the rain, sleet, or snow outside, and lose themselves in these exciting cartoons packed with biblical messages.
When children are in attendance at parent-teacher association meetings, entertain them with videos such as “Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot” and “Clifford’s Puppy Days”. These programs are shorter than full-length motion pictures and great for brief meetings. The success of these programs may inspire you to sponsor a family movie night at the school for everyone to enjoy!
Open houses and Back to School nights are common in the fall. After the classrooms have been toured and parents and teachers have had a chance to talk, encourage families to stick around by providing a free flick. Family favorites like The Peanuts Movie and Zootopia are always a sure bet. Sell popcorn and snacks to raise a little extra money for future school activities.
Whether your school is independently owned or a ministry of a larger denominational entity, the value and versatility of your CVLI Video License can’t be beat. In fact, many member licensees obtain licenses for each part of their ministry so that video programming is covered in all facilities. If your school has related offsite ministries such as a church, camp, conference center, preschool, or child care center, contact CVLI to make sure all aspects of your ministry are copyright compliant.
If you have any programming ideas you would like to share, please send your suggestions to


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CVLI does not necessarily endorse the entire content of any movie listed. Before showing any movie, in whole or in part, please preview and determine if the footage is appropriate for your intended audience.

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