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With a spring thaw underway and summer close behind, it’s the time of year when the mercury begins to rise and guests start to arrive at your camp or conference center. From family vacations to youth retreats, the relaxation and fun provided by your facility can’t be beat. As you ready your campers’ quarters and recreation facilities, don’t forget that your CVLI Video License is an invaluable tool.
Whether your camp accommodates families for summer vacation or invites parents to tour a children’s summer program at the end of the season, a family flick is always a great way to bring guests together. Recent family favorites such as Zootopia, The Jungle Book, and The Peanuts Movie are all available on DVD and ready for screening whether it be fireside or poolside. Camps and conference centers all over the country make use of movies and other audiovisual programs to provide their guests with a variety of affordable options for entertainment, education, and much more.
Since the CVLI Video License is facility-based, it provides your camp or conference center with copyright coverage whether you or your guests are showing movies. In fact, one of the benefits of selecting a CVLI member camp or conference center for a retreat, conference, camp, or convention is that in many cases the facility’s license will cover the guest’s use. At the same time, the camp or conference center’s license provides protection against vicarious liability when guests show movies without a license.
Your CVLI Video License provides legal peace of mind. Your facility is covered whether a ministers’ conference incorporates scenes from Hidden Figures into their keynote address or whether a visiting church retreat has organized a family screening of The Shack for their closing reception. With the confidence of copyright compliance, you’re free to explore and encourage the wide range of programming ideas that are at your fingertips with a CVLI Video License.
Whether your camp or conference center is independently owned or a ministry of a larger denominational entity, the value and versatility of your license can’t be beat. In fact, many member licensees obtain licenses for each part of their ministry so that movies screenings are covered in all facilities. If your camp or conference center has related offsite ministries such as a church, school, preschool, or child care center, contact CVLI to make sure all aspects of your ministry are copyright compliant.
If you have any programming ideas you would like to share, please send your suggestions to

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Join with over 60,000 churches, camps, Christian schools and childcare centers across North America that rely on CVLI and the Church Video License. Globally, CVLI covers over 100,000 members.