Wonder Woman

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained warrior. When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, she leaves home to fight a war, discovering her full powers and true destiny.

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Suggested Scene: “Hero ignores larger mission to help the few”
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Themes: Compassion, Helping Others, Impossible Odds, Missions, Making a Difference
Wonder Woman
Scene Details:
Steve, Diana and their team are making their way through an Allied trench on the front lines of the war. Suddenly, a woman holding a baby grabs Diana and frantically tells her that her entire village on the other side of ‘No Man’s Land’ has been attacked and many taken as slaves – tearfully begging for help. Steve, impatiently, tries to keep Diana moving…
Diana, refusing: “We need to help these people!”
Steve, firmly: “We have to stay on mission.” ??The others agree, knowing that time is running out.
Diana: “We cannot leave without helping them. These people are dying…”
Steve: “I understand that. We need to make our next position by sundown.”
Diana, emotionally: “How can you say that? What is the matter with you?”
Steve explains: “This is ‘No Man’s Land,’ Diana, it means no man can cross it, all right. This battalion has been here for nearly a year and they’ve barely gained an inch. Because on the other side there are a bunch of Germans pointing machine-guns at every square inch of this place. This is not something you can cross. It’s not possible.”
Diana: “So, what? We do nothing?”
Steve: “No, we are doing something. We just…we can’t save everyone in this war. This is not what we came here to do.”
Diana: “No, but it is what I’M going to do,” as she takes off the cloak hiding her costume, climbs out of the trench and begins to walk toward the German front.
Wonder Woman
As bullets begin to whizz toward her, she blocks them with her wrist shields. Boldly, she makes her way across the battlefield, deflecting any missile that is aimed her way.
Finally stopping in place behind her shield, she takes on the full brunt of the enemy’s ferocious fire: enabling the other soldiers to safely leave the trench and join the fight. Emboldened by her example, the men charge the enemy!?  (Caution: “bloody h-ll” is uttered once)
Wonder Woman
Total Time: 3:35
Start Time: 1:12:54
End Time: 1:16:29
Start Cue: “All right, let’s move!”
End Cue: Men running across battlefield
Jesus: “Then a despised Samaritan journeyed by. When he saw the fellow, he felt compassion for him. The Samaritan went over to him, stopped the bleeding, applied some first aid, and put the poor fellow on his donkey. He brought the man to an inn and cared for him through the night…”
Luke 10:33-34 (The Voice)

2017, WARNER BROS., Rated PG-13 (for sequences of violence and action, and some suggestive content)

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